Pet Furniture

When owning your own pet, you want to make sure you have all the tools you need to care for them. Whether you have a cat, dog, chicken or other form of critter, having the right furniture to care for them goes a long way in keeping them happy. Each pet needs a different type of furniture. For example, cats prefer litter boxes and cat trees, while dogs prefer dog beds and houses to stay comfortable. It all depends on the animal you have and how you want to care for them. Here are a few types of pet furniture you can find to make your pet feel right at home.

Augie Dog House

by Archie & Oscar™

1020 Reviews

The Archie & Oscar™ Dog House / Augie is a rugged, all-weather house that is the perfect home for your four-legged friend. Your dog will love the shelter and enjoy having a place of his own. Heavy-duty durable UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic. Rust-free. Weatherproof. Designed for long-term use. Opens doorways to stabilize temperature and keep dogs comfortable in warm and cold weather. Fits dogs from 25 lbs. to 50 lbs. Hygienic and easy to clean. Quick and easy assembly – no tools required. Lightweight and easy to move.

Pet Food Storage Container, Brushed Stainless Steel for Dog Food, Cat Food, and Bird Feed

by simplehuman

1228 Reviews

Sturdy locking handle keeps food out and pets out. Silicone gasket creates an airtight seal to keep food fresh. A convenient magnetic scoop under the lid is perfect for storing dog or pet food, or other bulk items such as flour, rice, sugar or charcoal.

72" Cat Tree

by Go Pet Club

10194 Reviews
$109.93 — $131.05 $229.00 — $249.00

Perfect for the adventurous feline, this freestanding cat tree is a must-have for the playroom or den. Give your cat a place of its own with this product. This huge structure can be placed in any corner of your home and fits into most home décor. The cat tree is available in a variety of colors. With five levels of construction, this cat tree is perfect for accommodating multiple cats. It has two apartments where your pet can hide or relax when they are tired of playing. Ten scratching posts cater to your pet’s natural habit of scratching and clawing. In addition, this cat tree has two ramps to help your pet get up and down the cat tree quickly.

Demeter Freestanding Pet Gate

by Archie & Oscar™

1201 Reviews
$69.99 $74.99

Keeping your pets where they should be has never been easier than with this pet gate! Unfolding as easily as an accordion, it stands alone to safely restrict your pet’s access to certain areas of your home. Its extra length allows you to block more than just a regular doorway, and the lightweight design makes it easy to operate when you need to.


Angelica 5 Gallon Rectangle Aquarium Tank

by Tucker Murphy Pet™

149 Reviews
$389.99 — $439.99 $799.99

Make your fish the focal point of your home with this wall-mounted aquarium. This rectangular metal unit is modern and features a clear glass freshwater tank that holds up to 5 gallons of water. The included submersible filter helps keep your fish healthy and happy, while the LED light fixture shines a spotlight on them as they swim. For even more versatility, mounting brackets, hardware and fishing nets are included.

Eli 66'' Steel Play Top Floor Bird Cage with Wheels

by Archie & Oscar™

234 Reviews

This luxurious parrot cage is a carefully crafted sanctuary for your feathered friend. It is made of black hammered finish steel and has a spacious structure with a dome and a small patio with two stainless steel cups and a wooden perch for the birds to play on. The cage has more wooden perches and stainless steel cups. It also sits on top of four wheels for easy mobility and has pull-out trays and seed guards for easy cleaning. Measuring 63.5 inches high x 35.825 inches wide x 45 inches deep, it can hold up to three birds.

Heller Weather Resistant Hutch with Ramp

by Tucker Murphy Pet™

271 Reviews
$159.99 $193.99

This animal lodge with ramp is made of fully treated grooved lumber and coated with a water-based preservative. The product is well designed and has a living room and a backyard run area. All parts can be disassembled and assembled. The door can be opened for easy cleaning. This rabbit house can be divided into two parts. Easy to move. This will greatly help your pet stay healthy and happy.

Abdiel Dog Sofa

by Archie & Oscar™

1104 Reviews
$95.00 — $117.52 $130.75 — $146.91

Create a warm, cozy space for your beloved fur baby to curl up and take a nap. Designed for small dogs, this dog sofa will soon become your pet’s new favorite place to sleep. Featuring plush tufted cushions and sleek birch wood legs, this adorable bed is both durable and stylish, allowing your pup to rest with unparalleled elegance. Built to last, your beloved companion will always have a comfortable and stylish place to relax.

Waterproof Pet Polyester Blanket

by Petmaker

1597 Reviews
$24.00 — $33.00 $28.77 — $39.99

Petmaker’s Waterproof Pet Polyester Blanket is a comfortable and beautiful option to protect your sofa or bed from spills, stains and pet fur. This blanket is reversible, with one side plush and the other Sherpa lined. For easy cleaning, the blanket is machine washable. Perfect for placing on furniture to keep out stains or fur, and it’s also a very soft blanket for you and your furry friend to snuggle up with!

Rectangle Cat Bed

by Armarkat

555 Reviews
$56.99 $58.99

The cat bed is the perfect retreat for your pet. This cat bed is made of faux suede and faux fur to ensure durability and softness. It features 100% polyester padding for softness and comfort. The hooded cat bed is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the color that suits your home decor. It has a waterproof and non-slip base for stability. You can machine wash the cover occasionally to keep it fresh and breathable.